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Hello Ajaxians,
I, Ashish Pandya, am living here in Ajax (Ward 2) for more than a decade, am running for Ajax Ward 2 Local Councillor election for the term 2018-2022. I love the diversity, scenery, and a sense of belonging that Ajax has to offer.
I am always looking for ways to get involved in the community and the opportunity that caught my attention this year was the upcoming election. I will dedicate myself for the next couple months to earn your votes.

Voices are always stronger when they are spoken through teams of people so I hope you allow me to be the line of communication for all your questions, concerns, and feedback within our ward 2 community.


You can vote anywhere, anytime from Monday, October 15 at 10:00 am until Monday, October 22 ending at 8:00pm. Follow this link to learn more about the new and convenient ways to vote this year: https://elections.ajax.ca/en/voters/how-to-vote.aspx



I came to Canada with my family 20 years ago. Moving to Ajax was one of the best decisions I have made and my family has grown up here with an amazing community and infinite opportunities. Both my children have attended elementary school (Nottingham PS) and high school (J Clarke Richardson Collegiate) in Ward 2.

I am involved with a non profit organization and run a seniors club with the help of the town for around 6 years. My wife runs a Kumon Math and Reading Centre at Salem and Taunton, so I have experiences with many of the youth in our Ward 2 community for around 9 years. Our involvement in the town has helped us meet friends that turned to family and with all this support, I am ready to run for your local councillor!

I love being involved in the community, which is why all the information I am sharing is my PERSONAL information; not just temporary for election purposes.

No matter what the result is, I am available to help anyone in the best possible way!


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Safe Neighborhood 

Although we have city wide issues there are specific problems that each community, intersection, and street has which I want to make sure are acknowledged because those are the issues that the general public in the city are unaware of.

I understand the importance of these local issues because they effect our day to day lives.

These are details I want to make sure are heard on a higher platform because little changes make big differences.

Economic Growth

Our lives revolve around the stability of our economy. Local economic growth is essential for the betterment of our community development.

I strongly encourage everyone to support our local businesses and instead of looking further away, I want to involved everyone to help the locals flourish within our community because this will help us gain more job opportunities.

I will welcome and support new businesses and any innovative ideas to help our community with further economic development.

Lower Taxes

Our hard earned money should be well used. I want to make sure all our valuable tax money is not wasted, but rather invested into factors that will make our community better.

Property tax is a major concern for all residents and is already in a higher bracket. I will work to limit these taxes for us all.

I will work towards the practice of cost effectiveness within the city.

Local Issues

I have plans for all these major issues, but I am not going to ignore our day to day issues that we are faced with. These start from our home, our street, our neighbourhood, and Ajax community as a whole.

Issues like garbage pickup, snow plowing, tree maintenance, safer streets, law enforcement, parking, and traffic safety on our streets to name a few things.

These issues are really huge for us because it affects us every single day. As I am a resident of Ward 2 for more than 11 years, I am aware of all these issues and I will work on addressing them.

Sustainable City

Protecting our environment is important for today and the coming future. Creating awareness about this is something I am passionate about doing.

I support green initiatives and energy efficiency. Examples would include more roundabouts (which help with the issue of traffic maintenance), road side plants, respect for nature and looking for ways to increase green parks and spaces.

Community Involvement

Diversity is when we have different groups of people and inclusion is the practice of making sure everyone can be involved in no matter what we choose to do. We need to work together to make this possible in our community.

I have always loved to be involved in a variety of community events and will continue to do so. I will encourage all residents to come out and participate in our local events which will help contribute to the sense of belonging needed in a healthy community. Together we will be stronger and this will happen when we all support one another!

I will also work towards improving recreational spaces. We will make sure all sports are also supported which will bring more stars out of Ajax
I am heavily involved and supportive of the arts community as well. This is important because of the joy it brings to everybody. Let’s make more Ajaxian stars!!